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La Bestia’s members Rudy Brat from the legendary late 70′s early 80′s East L.A. Punk Band ‘The Brat’, & female fronted woman Beast/Bestia formerly from CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, OLLIN & MEDIA BLITZ (who’s members go back to early East L.A. Punk Band ‘The Undertakers’, ‘Los Illegals’, and L.A.’s top forty band ‘Cold Duck’).

We’re working on a new album with former CRAZY TOWN member ANTHONY ‘TROUBLE’ VALLI (their radio hit Butterfly went platinum in 2001) whom is producing our album, giving us a sound totally different than the previous La Bestia sound.

Anthony Trouble Valli is responsible for veering us into a new style & genre by helping La Bestia band find it’s nitch; he’s a producer that holds no bars and has pushed us beyond our imagination!